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Here you can find a list of only our public projects, but we have published more applications then you can see here.

As a whitelabel developer team we worked in behalf of digital agencies or enterprise companies developing B2C and B2B apps both.


We managed to develop a new digital signage solution working on AppleTv, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Built on top of Parse and NodeJS, DiGiSi allow small retail and entrerprise to run their digital signage system as a service. Important feature are the image recognition system to selected the right content for the right time and iBeacon framework to provide behavioral targeted contents.

Technologies: iOS, Android, Parse, NodeJS, AngularJS

Quelli della Pizza / eCommerce + Mobile

We managed to develop a native iOS and Android application to help Quelli della Pizza in supporting their customer, allowing them order items with just one tap.

Built on top of WooCommerce, the famous Wordpress plugin for eCommerce, we managed to develop the missing API to provide the customer the full desktop experience on their mobile devices.

Technologies: iOS, Android, Kotlin, Swift, PHP, WooCommerce, Wordpress

Travel Guide

TravelGuide is a whitelabel app for local information points that want easily to create an application for their visitors.

Built on top Firebase, the application allow visitor to browser POIs, navigate them with Agumented Reality and watch exclusive images, 360 panorama and videos.

Technologies: iOS, Android, Firebase, NodeJS

tvProximity - Beacon emitter

tvProximity app allows you to use your Apple TV device as proximity iBeacon emitter.

Technologies: tvOS, Bluetooth


dogKit is the first app that make use of brand new CareKit framework by Apple to improve our best friends life.

dogKit allows you to monitor & track your dog according several parameters:

  • daily walk activity
  • daily poop
  • daily food
  • daily mood
  • weekly weight
  • flea tick applications
All those information are easily sharable with your vet via PDF.

Technologies: iOS, Apple CareKit

Colorblind app - Color blindness test

Colorblind app wants to help you to check possibile color blindness, using a different images patterns it can be used even with your children if not yet able to get a name for numbers.

Technologies: iOS, ResearchKit

Jul 12, 2017

tvClock App

A minimalistic clock for your AppleTv.

Technologies: tvOS